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Thursday, June 9, 2011

I like Nippon Paint because it make my eye so cold when is faced..!!

     I like nippon paint because it make my eye so cold when is faced. Yeah, you know in the world now. Everyday when go out from my lovely house, i can see many color at the outside for example The trees, Buildings, Houses, Road, Car, Motorcycle, Shoes, Shirts and all. It's so many color at outside and make my eyes tired.

     So, for everyday i go back from office and i think i need protect my body too with nippon paint like this...., everybody can't say to me "Your body look BLACK..!!" grrrrrrr.......No..No..No...Nippon paint can help me, i know i trust nippon paint..!!Go..Go..Go..Nippon paint...I support you..!!

    I like my room see like this,

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